Episode: 2
Title: Herbs
Broadcast: June 18 2017
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Get your hands on a range of different, fresh, locally grown herbs and be sure to get them into whatever you’re cooking. From adding taste to food, to medicinal purposes, herbs are an integral part of any recipe.

  • Today Scott heads to Swan Valley Nursery and speaks to James to show us how we can maximize the punch in your cooking.
  • This place is a green thumbs heaven, with in between 200-300 different varieties.
  • Swan Valley Nursery try to keep everything as natural and healthy as they can, using only organic sprays on everything. There’s also a lot of beneficial insects and frogs around, which is always a good sign of a healthy ecosystem.
  • Scott also shares some handy hints for using herbs: To release more flavours with mint, you’ve got to slap it! Crushing it bruises it and looses the flavour. Also, never chop my basil I only ever rip it.
  • Herbs not only add layers of flavour but texture too and they’re easily added to any dish and now you know how you get more bang from your bangers and mash.

Swan Valley Nursery
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