Exotic Mushroom Flavours

Episode: 1
Title: Exotic Mushroom Flavours
Broadcast: June 11 2017
Presenter: Scott Taylor

I just love working in restaurants. Probably the best bit is we get to get our hands on new, unique, super high quality Aussie Produce. Things that you can’t normally get at home.

  • Right at the top of the list of new, unique, super high quality Aussie produce is exotic gourmet mushies, they bring texture and flavour and colour and verve to a plate.
  • Good news is right across Australia are gourmet farmers markets, where this quality of gourmet mushrooms are now available.
  • Here at Swan Valley, Gourmet Fungi, they grow some of the best mushrooms in the country.
  • This husband and wife team are responsible for the exotic beauties and Scott speaks with David to show us how he makes them so delicious.
  • Growing the mushrooms is quite a process. It starts in the laboratory where they use a little bit of each culture to inoculate in sterilised grain.
  • The grain is then used as a vehicle to inoculate the substrate, which, depending on the species it can be straw or saw dust. They then sit in this room for 3-4 weeks.
  • They go from this room into the fruiting room where you get a drop in temperature, an increase in light, an increase in fresh air and that’s what triggers them to fruit.
  • Mushrooms really are packed full of the good gear. There’s vitamin B and B12, niacin folate, there’s essential minerals, they’re low in carbs, salt and fat. They really are a true super food.

Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi
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