West Coast Honey

Episode: 2
Title: West Coast Honey
Broadcast: June 18 2017
Presenter: Russell Blaikie

This dry and barron landscape dotted with extraordinary wildflowers hold one of our countries greatest and most loved foods. It’s home to a large scale industry that’s got people in a buzz.

  • We all love the sticky, sweet, natural flavour of honey. But how does it get from here into your pantry?
  • It all starts with the bee- no other creature in the world has anything that compares with the incredible efficiency of the work of the honeybee.
  • Bees generally work within a few hundred meters from their hives but they can travel up to 2 kilometres gathering all sorts of flowers from a myriad of flowers, which in turn gives us differing honey flavours.
  • Russell speaks with Steven from West Coast Honey, who have a hive in the middle of a national park, which is surrounded by a forest of banksias to discuss different types of trees and their different flavour honey.
  • Next we speak to Paul about what happens when the honey comes back to the extraction room. He shows us how this honey is just pure, all natural honey.
  • Bees are an integral part of life for the whole planet and without them there would be nothing to pollinate our plants and without pollination we’d be in serious trouble. We’ve found our new favourite honey!

West Coast Honey
P: (08) 9575 1250
W: www.westcoasthoney.com.au