Bannister Downs farm

Episode: 3
Title: Bannister Downs farm
Broadcast: June 25th 2017
Presenter: Scott Taylor

As the sun rises on a new day in the southwest corner of Australia, we visit green pasture and cows…which can only mean one thing - dairy farming!

Bannister Downs Dairy have around 4,000 cattle and to learn more Scotty chats to owner Matt Daubney.

Matt id a third generation farmer. He speaks of the well mastered technique of growing grass and cows that Bannister Downs Dairy have established.

Within the last 10 years or so, Bannister Downs have also been packaging their own products.

A big part of the Bannister Downs products is they control all parts of it. So they look after the calves as baby’s right through to when they milk the cows, then distribute our milk, onto the packaging, everything. There are a lot of different things along the chain.

Bannister Downs pasteurise at a lower temperature, which is an older more traditional method. Ultimately they care about creating a good, fresh product that they can pride themselves on and a big part of that is how the milk is processed.

This dairy have also moderated production so they work on a cow that can produce 20-25 litres a day, which is a reasonable amount. It doesn’t put the pressure on the cows, it doesn’t put the pressure on the farm, and Bannister Downs believe it creates a better product for what they want to do.

This just isn’t any old milk, this level of creaminess and deliciousness takes two things: a passionate producer and a pristine environment.

Bannister Downs Dairy
P: (08) 9776 4555