Porkies BAR-B-QUE

Episode: 7
Title: Porkies BAR-B-QUE
Broadcast: July 23rd 2017
Presenter: John Earnshaw

Porkies BAR-B-QUE owned by John Earnshaw, is the home of real American pig barbecue. Their style is based on Kansas, they cook the big four which is ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken.

  • Porkies make all of their own rubs and all of their own sauces that complement their barbecue meat.
  • John moved to North America, which is where he fell in love with American Barbecue. The first time he saw it on TV he went out and bought a pit on Craig’s List and has been barbecuing ever since 2008.
  • He travelled around America and drove 42,000kms and went to as many barbecue restaurants and spoke to as many barbecue pit masters as he could. From that he learned a lot of techniques that you wouldn’t see on TV.
  • Porkies cook their ribs every day, and they try to do ‘pit to plate’ which is having them ready out of the pit and then serving them warm to the customers as much as possible.
  • Porkies recently had one of the pit masters come over from America saying their mac cheese was the best he’s had anywhere in the world.
  • Porkies trim down some of the fat on the brisket so it prevents it drying out while cooking it, but if you take too much of it away it will get dry and it will ruin the brisket, which is a disaster after 16 hours of cooking.
  • Aussie Barbeque is based around cooking steaks and sausages, which is all pre-prepared, and cooked very quickly on a grill.
  • With American style barbeque, the meats go in for a minimum of four hours up to 16 hours to prepare the meat. There’s a lot of time that goes into rubs, sauces and injections. They take the toughest pieces of meat and make them into the softest pieces of meat.

Porkies BAR-B-QUE
P: (08) 6150 9358
W: www.porkiesbarbque.com.au