Farmer Jacks part 1

Episode: 7
Title: Farmer Jacks pt 1
Broadcast: July 23rd 2017
Presenter: Scott Taylor

The easiest way to make sure that you get a restaurant quality dish at home is making sure you get your hands on local, fresh, super high quality ingredients. Today Scott visits a place where they’ve taken that idea of freshness and turned it into a religion.

  • Here at the Canningvale fruit and veg market there is some serious hustle and bustle. We meet Fred Fairthorn, who owns and operates Farmer Jacks, a chain of green grocer stores and he fanatical about freshness.
  • We learn how supply and demand fluctuates. This market floor lets Farmer Jacks know when a quantity of produce doubles so there’s a lot more to sell. This means the prices have dropped, so Farmer Jacks can also drop the price and the customers will buy more.
  • Here that is a normal negotiation. Prices go up and down all the time, sometimes supply is short, sometimes it’s very short and we have to pay 3 or 4 times as much!
  • Farmer Jacks have their own warehouse within the markets and they’ve got three buyers going through and picking out the lines everyday to put into the stores.
  • Today they check out some beautiful quality eggplant/fruit, just picked yesterday. Fred explains why Farmer Jacks are so happy to purchase and supply them to their customers on a good deal: they bought them on a good price so they’ll pass that on!

Farmer Jacks
P: (08) 9384 5486

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