CharCol Springs Pastured Eggs

Title: CharCol Springs Pastured Eggs
Broadcast: Episode 1, 1st July 18
Presenters: Scott Taylor

Deep in the Southern Forrest region in Manjimup you will find Charlie and Coleen Roberts at CharCol Springs Pastured Eggs, who use a clever system to bring us the freshest pastured Eggs.

  • Pastured Eggs come from Hens that live outdoors, the hens here spend the whole day roaming outside and at night rest and perch up in their custom-built trailers.
  • Chickens are very social animals and the happier the Chicken, the better quality the egg. The Chickens are producing deep golden yellow yolks in high quality eggs, which has a lot to do with the environment they live and how they are cared for. Giving us better tasting and more nutritious eggs.
  • The Roberts family uses a stacking system, effectively running two farms alongside each other. The Beef Cattle are rotationally grazed around on 63 hectares and are followed by the Chickens about a week later.
  • The Chickens spread the manure about and de-bug the bugs and grubs that follow behind the Cows as well.
  • Once a day the Chickens will come in from the pastures into their nesting boxes to lay their egg. The boxes are designed with roll away floors that run down to a conveyer belt, allowing the egg to stay nice and clean. Eggs have a natural bloom on them which if removed through thorough washing, weakens the integrity of the egg causing the egg to go off faster.
  • The eggs are then graded, hand packed and stored in the cool room for sending to your local retailer.