West Australian Corn Growers

Title: West Australian Corn Growers
Broadcast: Episode 1, 1st July 18
Presenters: Scott Taylor

Sweetcorn can be enjoyed simply on its own and can bring bursts of flavour to a dish and Scott travels to Gingin to meet with West Australian Corn Growers to show us how they operate to bring consumers the freshest Sweetcorn all year round.

  • West Australian Corn Growers has four farms across Western Australia, including Broome, Neerabup and Gingin enabling them to grow, harvest and stock major retails 12 months of the year.
  • Eight different varieties of corn are trialed and planted to get the best crop, as the varieties will each perform differently over the year.
  • Seeding is undertaken weekly and takes roughly 90 days till harvest.
  • Corn is picked at the coolest temperature, most often in the evening and in the summer months around midnight. This allows the crop to be at their best quality when harvested whilst also allowing for shelf life.
  • Sweetcorn is loaded with phytochemicals and antioxidants, whilst additionally containing insoluble fibre which is good for digestion.
  • There are many ways to enjoy Sweetcorn, though Scotts recommendation is the best way is a light blanche to retain the freshness and flavour. Add a little pepper, salt and butter and allow the flavour to really shine through.
  • You can find West Australian Corn Growers fresh Sweetcorn at your local retailer