Harvey Beef

Title: Harvey Beef
Broadcast: Episode 5, 5th August, 2018
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos

Theo heads two hours south of Perth to visit a passionate farmer and supplier of Harvey Beef, to find out what makes their beef so darn tasty!

  • Dardanup, 2 hours south of Perth, is home to some of the best beef in the world.
  • Here, beef farmers pride themselves in quality, taste and sustainability, and have been providing beef products for almost 100 years.
  • John and his family farm 1000 acres of incredibly lush green land in Dardanup, where they breed Black Angus and Murray Grey cattle.
  • The cows here are free roaming, and fed on nutrient rich pasture, and this makes for some incredible tasting beef.
  • Sustainable and responsible farming is a high priority for this farm. It’s important to have this farm going for many future generations. They don’t overstock, and there’s plenty of space for the cattle to roam around in their natural environment.
  • This is a family business – where everyone can partake in producing quality products, even the kids!
  • Beef is an incredible source of protein, which is the building block for our bodies. It aids in making and rebuilding of our bones, skin and muscles. It’s also high in iron, zinc, magnesium, amino-acids, and jam-packed full of vitamins. What’s there not to love?
  • Harvey Beef stands for everything you want in a product: Quality, consistency, animal welfare, sustainability, and grown right here in WA.