Plantagenet Pork

Title: Plantagenet Pork
Broadcast: Episode 7, 19th August, 2018
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos

Theo heads down to the Great Southern region of WA to visit a free-range pig farmer that provides exceptional quality pork.

  • Free range farming isn’t a cheap way of farming, but it is so important for sustainability and it’s good for the environment. Plus, the quality in taste is far superior.
  • Plantagenet Pork are one of the nation’s main free-range pork producers, leading the way in ethical food production with a free-range sustainable model.
  • Western Australia’s Great Southern Region of is pig farming heaven. The water is pure, and the cooler temperatures are ideal.
  • The light sandy free draining soil and clean environment of the Great Southern makes for the perfect spot to farm free-range pigs.
  • For Plantagenet Pork, raising happy pigs is very important. The farmers make sure there is very little interference with the pig. The piglets are not touched, there’s no iron injecting, teeth clipping, or tail docking and no anti-biotics or no artificial growth promotion is given.
  • Feeding time is done in the most natural way, so they have to forage for their food.
  • Every two years, the farm is “picked up” and moved for the benefit of the environment. The old farm is churned and then re-cropped.
  • For such a high standard quality of pig, it doesn’t come cheap. There’s a greater expense involved when breeding free-range, but the welfare of the animal and superiority in taste is all worth it, and the consumer seems to agree!
  • Plantagenet Pork is RSPCA credited and APEC free-range credited to industry standards.
  • Plantagenet Pork won Champion Free-Range Pork and Gold Free Range Pork and the 2018 Perth Royal Food Awards
  • Check out the Plantagenet Pork website for some amazing recipes and the wide range of products available.