Miami Bakehouse

Title: Miami Bakehouse
Broadcast: Episode 7, 19th August, 2018
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Scotty takes a pit-stop at pie heaven, to see the process of making their award-winning pies.

  • The Miami Bakehouse is located not far out of Mandurah, southbound on the Forrest Highway, making it the perfect stop for a bite to eat before the rest of the long-haul trip down south.
  • It’s a bakery full of award winners. At this year’s Perth Royal Food Awards, it won Champion pie for its ‘Seafood Paella pie’.
  • The engine room of Miami Bakehouse creates 18 varieties of pies, including one “pie of the week” every week, for the whole year. That’s around 450,000 pies a year!
  • Garry Fellows is the bakery manager at this Bakehouse and has taken out more than 750 awards over the years. He says that as well as the filling, the pie’s pastry is key – shortcrust pastry for the bottom and puff for the pie lid completes the amazing taste.
  • What makes the perfect pie? Well, the judges at the Perth Royal Food Awards judge on texture, colour, flavour and aroma of the pie.
  • These pies taste so good, they don’t even need tomato sauce!
  • With award of best pie in show is possible thanks to the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that drives the Perth Royal Food Awards here in WA. Helping us identify the best in the West.