Spudshed – The Baldivis Store

Title: Spudshed – The Baldivis Store
Broadcast: Episode 8, 26th August, 2018
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Growing our own fruit and vegetables at home is a growing trend and can be very rewarding, though most often in reality we can never produce enough to sustain a family year-round. Scott visits Spudsheds Baldivis store to see how they are bringing local fresh produce to consumers.

  • In previous episodes Scott visited one of the Spudshed farms and the nursery and now Scott takes us to where it all ends up, in the Spudshed store.
  • There are currently 9 Spudshed retail stores in operation throughout WA.
  • The Galati family is passionate about bringing fresh produce into their stores.
  • The Stores are just like a weekend Farmers Market, straight to the consumer, no middle man.
  • The Baldivis store is situated right on the initial growing ground of the Galati Family, with a small shed up the road where the first Spudshed was opened in 1999.
  • Keeping the whole chain of growing from seed, to harvesting, packing and supplying the consumer is an important part of the philosophy of Spudshed.
  • The Galati’s operated on this farmers market model initially for Potatoes and then grew into further fruit and vegetables and products.
  • Spudshed even has their own Chicken farms to produce all their own eggs and source their meats from local producers.
  • Supporting local and obtaining fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farmer is not only beneficial for us but for the whole community.