Nutrition Tip – Kiwi Fruit

Title: Nutrition Tip – Kiwi Fruit
Broadcast: Episode 8, 26th August, 2018
Presenter: Nikki Heyder

Fruit is so good for us, and Nikki is in store to tell us the benefits of incorporating Kiwi Fruit into our diets.

  • Kiwi fruit use to be known as the Chinese Gooseberry and it is still considered part of the berry family in some literature.
  • Similar to berries, kiwi fruit is loaded with antioxidants, predominantly being Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is essential for boosting our immune system, whilst also being a crucial factor in the production of Collagen for healthy glowing skin.
  • Other than just being enjoyed on their own, Kiwi fruits can be added to salads or blended into smoothies for added tartness.
  • Don’t disregard the skin of Kiwi, like other fruits and vegetables the skin is loaded with fibre and essential nutrients.

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