10 Acres Farm & Kitchen

Episode: 3
Title: 10 Acres Farm & Kitchen
Broadcast: Oct 21st 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Every great chef dream of having a farm of their own, of turning the soil and growing food plants that allow the shortest ever transition from farm to table, that is the freshest most nutritious produce arriving in the kitchen when its naturally ripe or ready for harvest, it's a dream that 10 acres farm and kitchen are living.

  • 10 Acres Restaurant has an organic farm in North Saanich just 25km from the downtown Victoria on Vancouver Island.
  • A large range of different foods is grown at 10 Acres farm for instance the vegies are mainly grown from heirloom seed- and selected for their flavors and nutrients
  • At the farm, everything from the restaurant is composted to enrich the soil…and the vegetable waste is shared with the pigs. Even spent vegetable oil from the kitchen is used to fuel the farmer’s car and to power the generator to heat the greenhouses over winter.
  • On the farm, ducks are raised for eggs and turkeys, pigs and ducks for meat. All animals are grass pastured – and they are fed with non-GMO feed, spent grains and vegetable trim from our restaurants.