Bali Street Food Safari

Bali Street Food Safari

Indonesian street food is simply delicious. We teamed up with Bali Street Food Safari’s Richard Rahman to find out where to go for the best street food in Bali. Indonesia’s food culture has so many food influences from right across the archipelago.

We tried amazing stay sticks at Warung Wardani –still cooking their satays the same way from the 1950s. The smoky bits of roasted meat is a must try. Nasi Campur is also a must have– a bit of spice and just delicious. It is a mixed rice dish filled with multiple small dishes; it’s basically a dish that showcases all the best kinds of food you can find in Indonesia – steamed white rice, tempeh, stir-fried green beans or eggplant, curried meats and a fried egg, and topped with a shrimp krupuk a shrimp or prawn cracker.

Babi Guling is also a dish you will fall in love with in Bali. It’s a famous delicacy in Hindu Bali – a spit roasted suckling pig. You’ll find this delicious dish everywhere in Bali, and each Babi Guling has its own unique and authentic taste.

Beef soup is also a delicious dish to have in Bali. At Soto Ketut food stall, this rather simple dish will amaze you with its flavour. Made with beef and various spices, this nourishing soup is simply delicious.

Being on this food tour was wonderful, because we were taken to various locations to try the most amazing food in Bali; it would have been difficult to find these warungs without Richard.

Our last stop was at a traditional Indonesian restaurant serving Indonesian meals as well as desserts. We opted for wonderful Indonesian sweets. They were to die for.

If you want to try the best tasting, best quality Indonesian street food – book yourself a tour with Bali Street Food Safari. You won’t regret it.

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