Cave and Basin National Park

Segment: Cave and Basin National Park
Episode: Banff / Lake Louise
Air Date: 28th December 2019
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Often considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world, Banff is home to delicious food, stunning views and interesting tours.

  • Located within the province of Alberta, Banff is surrounded by snow-capped peaks for most of the year.
  • Named after a town in Scotland, Banff has the second highest elevation of any town in Alberta – Lake Louise, just 58km to the east has the highest.
  • Located within the Cave and Basin National Park, the birthplace of Canada’s national parks system. There is a tour here that takes you into the very heart of a very special cave, lit only by the light of a lantern.
  • The Lantern Tour is a multi-media sensory experience unlike any other, where the ghosts of the past return to share the secrets of the Cave and Basin’s spiritual history. The lantern-carrying ghost of William McCardell, the first caretaker of the park, leads you through the dark tunnels.
  • The cave was discovered in 1883, when McCardell and his 2 brothers were laid off from working on the rail network. They went to do some prospecting in the Rockies, and were amazed by what they found.
  • The deeper into the cave you venture, the stronger your senses – the dripping water is louder, your sense of smell gets stronger.
  • The cave was formed 10,000 years ago, when 2 geothermal springs hollowed out the mountain.