Croucher Brewing

Segment: Croucher Brewing
Episode: Ep 1: Rotorua
Air Date: 23th February 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Rotorua is a notoriously aromatic city, which makes it the perfect base for the award-winning Croucher Brewing.

  • Croucher Brewing is a local success story and a brand driven by the people that call it home.
  • Before joining the craft brewing industry, company owner Paul Croucher was a pharmaceutical lecturer. Realising he wanted to own a brewery, Paul teamed up with his friend, Nigel Gregory, and the two of them started the business.
  • Croucher Brewing believes that the experiences of the brewers dramatically affects what the company produces, particularly what they enjoy, as this shapes what they will want to bring into a beer.
  • With brewing, you can take ingredients from all around the world to make a completely unique product.
  • Paul’s pharmaceutical background has helped in his beer construction, but enjoys the artistic element to the work.
  • On top of owning the brewery, Paul and Nigel also own a craft beer pub, BREW. This is a great place to get some delicious Croucher Brewing and guest craft beers, as well as seasonal hearty pub food.
  • Different varieties of yeast hops make a huge difference on the final product – it’s as profound as getting different grape varieties in wine. Different yeast varieties can make a beer taste like an ale or more like a banana, and different hops can give it a tropical fruit or pine needle taste.