Glenfalloch Restaurant

Segment: Glenfalloch Restaurant
Episode: Dunedin
Air Date: 8th February 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The restaurant that Trevor visits todays is special for him as it lies inside the historic Glenfalloch Gardens, defined as a ‘Garden of Regional Significance’ by the New Zealand Garden Trust.

  • Opened in 1871, these lush massive gardens enjoy a microclimate that encourages growth. The panoramic views out over the harbour are spectacular too.
  • In the Glenfalloch Restaurant, award-winning chef Hannes Bareiter creates superb cuisine with seasonal local produce.
  • Freshness is the key here, and Hannes likes to add a sophisticated final touch to every dish in order to provide the diners with a special experience.
  • While you can just relax on the deck with a cup of coffee and take in the views over one of the southern hemisphere’s premiere gardens, Glenfalloch Restaurant is known for its ‘Trust the Chef’ menu. Hannes explains that this allows zero waste and only the freshest produce is used. They cater for all allergies and diets but the rest is up to the chef and the daily availability: everything is produced on that day and served in the evening.
  • This is a destination for the mind, heart and stomach. The menu, designed around what’s in season and what was caught today, will not disappoint you.