Vault 21

Segment: Vault 21
Episode: Dunedin
Air Date: 8th February 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Also known as the Edinburgh of the south, Dunedin boasts a beautiful CBD. Vault 21, a popular restaurant which is making waves on the South Island, lies just here, close to the famous Regent Theatre and the Octagon Theatre.

  • This Asian fusion restaurant combines international street flavours with fresh local produce to create a unique mixture complemented by a great blend of roasted coffee, craft beers and delicious wines.
  • The interesting interior décor is due to the fact that Vault 21 is actually housed inside an old bank building. If you look closely, you’ll see that the original walls are still part of the restaurant today.
  • This mix of eclectic and historical elements perfectly matches the distinctive style of the restaurant, whose menu is quite innovative as well: insects are part of it and very sought after too!
  • The menu has been carefully crafted by the executive head chef, Greg Piner, who’s worked in top hotels and restaurants around New Zealand, including the internationally award-winning Blanket Bay in Queenstown. His signature is a venison dish which has won multiple awards.
  • Greg is big on supporting local producers and liaising with farmers and fishermen.
  • This 140-seat restaurant offers indoor, outdoor and private dining options, as well as heated seats to help customers cope with Dunedin’s winter temperatures.