No7 Balmac

Segment: No7 Balmac
Episode: Dunedin
Air Date: 8th February 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes us to No 7 Balmac, an eatery with a real authentic point of difference.

  • In the suburb of Maori Hill, this restaurant offers a relaxed vibe paired with some sophisticated bistro cuisine.
  • Restaurateur Katrina Toovey is in her eleventh year of business. Her dedication to sustainability is reflected on the restaurant, which has a zero waste ethos.
  • Katrina explains that she is all about the community and creating sustainable relationships.
  • They use apple wood to cook as it’s hot burning (so it provides the heat they need) and it adds great flavour.
  • The restaurant also has its own 1000 square metres herb garden and its own bees. This fits well within the ethical prospect of educating and inspiring people while creating delicious wholesome food.
  • Their utter signature dish is the Mediterranean breakfast. Katrina’s Greek and Lebanese background is interwoven throughout the menu, and the pickled vegetables are fresh out of the garden. It’ like experiencing the Mediterranean flavours in Dunedin!