Emerson’s Craft Beers

Segment: Emerson’s Craft Beers
Episode: Dunedin
Air Date: 8th February 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Craft breweries are very popular these days and although it may seem that this trend has only started recently, there’s a craft brewery that’s been operating in Dunedin since the early 1990s and they still remain revered in the NZ craft brewing scene.

  • Emerson’s Craft Beers is home to some incredible award-winning beers. Trevor meets head brewer Richard Emerson, who is the mastermind behind the company’s success as well as the inspirational innovator in the craft beer scene in NZ.
  • Inspired by the Scottish pub culture, Richard Emerson began brewing beer in his mother’s kitchen in the early 90s, before opening his first brewery in 1993. The first brew, the London Porter, is still served today and incredibly popular with locals.
  • With the company purchased by Lion in 2012, it allowed Richard’s passion for craft beers to reach a new audience of people. By May 2017, monthly sales had surpassed 200,000 litres, and Emerson’s shows no sign of slowing down as the world realizes just how great these beers are.
  • The delicious food menu has been designed around the many beers that have been created on site so customers can match these amazing flavours for a unique experience.