Herb Highlight – Fiery Plants

Episode: #2
Airdate: 10th May 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Herb Highlight – Fiery Plants

Chili is a great stimulant for the body, and is a great plant to grow in your own garden.

  • Chili plants need to be kept warm over winter, while others such as cress, horseradish, mizuna and red mustard leaf will do well through winter.
  • Swan Valley Nursery are stocking up on edible plants, and many offer fantastic health benefits.
  • When building a portable garden bed, you have to start with the soil – if you use the wrong soil, you’ll be in trouble right away.
  • Growing plants closely together increases their competitiveness to survive, allowing them to fight pests and disease better.
  • The Mizuna red is richer in beneficial antioxidants, and cress is extremely good for you. There are two varieties of cress - land and water.
  • These plants will heat the body up, reducing susceptibility to colds and clearing out the chest. They are great in salads and stir fries, and nothing beats a fresh horseradish sauce.
  • Growing your plants in a pot means they can be brought indoors for fresh harvests.
  • These plants are all found under the Swan Valley Herbs Renaissance and Herb Herbert brands in leading garden centres and Bunnings stores.