Episode: #8
Airdate: 21st June 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Tunnels

As winter sets in, many of us our looking for ways to protect our gardens. Garden tunnels will help you look after your cold-sensitive plants.

  • There are tunnels for different environments and circumstances.
  • The clear poly tunnel protects against pests while creating an environment where sensitive plants can grow faster.
  • The tunnel mesh is best for warmer climates, protecting young establishing plants against the heat and extreme winds.
  • The fleece tunnel does a great job protecting plants from the cold.
  • Garden Express’ Gardener’s Advantage range includes mini tunnels that easily expand out of a one piece design and run for three metres. They’re perfect for the home garden.
  • Normally $29.00, Delish viewers can pick them up for just $24.00.