Herb Highlight - Tea Party

Episode: #9
Airdate: 28th June 2020
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Story Title: Herb Highlight - Tea Party

Herbs are incredibly good for you, rich with natural oils full of beneficial plant chemicals. Swan Valley has a great range of tea leaves available.

  • Herbs can build your immunity, fight viruses and bacterial infection while boosting your body’s ability to defeat cancer cells.
  • You can enjoy the health benefits of some herbs by brewing a simple herbal tea.
  • Swan Valley Nursery offers a variety of tea herbs, including German Chamomile, which can relax and reduce hypertension, helping you to sleep better.
  • Bergamot is delicious, with a number of different flavours in the collection. There is elderflower, a perennial that makes a great cordial, as well as anise hyssop for those who love licorice.
  • The best way to grow the herbs is in a pot – you can grow 3 or four in each container. Let them get established before bringing the pot indoors.