Spudshed – Potato Goodness

Title: Spudshed – Potato Goodness
Broadcast: Episode 10, 9th August 2018
Presenter: Scott Taylor

Have to pick one item to eat for the rest of time? For Scott it would be the versatile humble Spud and he takes us on a journey to a Spudshed farm to learn why.

  • The humble spud is so versatile, be it a delicious Mash, made into chips, or simply roasted.
  • Potatoes are naturally fat and cholesterol free, are low in sodium and are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Even including more potassium than a banana!
  • Tony Galati’s Spud kingdom started all the way back in Spearwood in the early 70’s with his first market garden with his parents.
  • The farms have moved across from Spearwood to Baldivis, to Myalup and also Manjimup, which is where they grow most of their potatoes.
  • When Spudshed first started they would only harvest in a season, the same amount as what they harvest now in an hour.
  • One of the varieties Spudshed grows is a red variety called Laura
  • A potato in the winter takes on average about 5 months to reach maturity, whereas in the summer months it generally takes around 4 months
  • Spudshed grows 9 different varieties currently, including Royal Blues.
  • With the deregulation of the potato board, there is more competition allowing for better prices, better quality and more varieties coming on to the market.
  • If you want restaurant quality dishes at home, it’s all about choosing the right variety of potato. A great mash is where the royal blues shine, the high starch content allows it to really all hold together.
  • Never put potatoes into boiling water, allow them to start to cook as the cold-water heats. This allows them to cook perfectly all the way through.