Hatten Wines

Hatten Wines

Turning 25 this year, Hatten Wines is the oldest wine company in Indonesia, and the only domestic producer to win AWR Winery of the Year award.

Hatten Wines produce four wine ranges: Hatten Wines, from domestically grown grapes; Dragonfly, sweet wines; Two Islands Wines, made from South Australian grapes; and Two Islands Reserve, made from South Australian grapes with French oak barrel aging.

Hatten Wines is not just a wine supplier; at their new modern headquarters, they have classrooms for wine education and even a private dining room. Hatten is all about developing and supporting wine culture in Indonesia.

They hold vast vineyards in North Bali, and actively support local communities.

Hatten Wines, established in 1994, started with a rose wine which the company is now famous for. Hatten produces quality wines that are suited for both the tropical climate and the spicy and delicious food of Indonesia. With the help of a French winemaker and a team of dedicated sales people, Hatten Wines grew bigger year by year, after introducing a traditional methods champenoise sparkling rose. In the year 2001, after celebrating its 100th vintage of the rose, Hatten Wines slowly introduced a white wine, and a white brut methode champenoise sparkling, a light red wine and a fortified wine inspired by the Pineau des Charentes method.

Hatten Wines added a second range of wines in 2006 – a range of Australian wines made from imported frozen grapes which are vinified at the winery in Sanur. Joined in 2012 by young and dynamic winemaker James Kalleske, the two ranges of wines flourished and saw great development.

For more information, visit www.hattenwines.com