Flavour Bombs – Antioxidant Boost

Story Flavour Bombs – Antioxidant Boost
Airdate: Ep 2, 5 May 2019
Presenter – Trevor Cochrane

Trevor gives you a hot tip on growing members of the cabbage family this season and the health benefits associated.

  • Better known as the cabbage family, the Brassica Family of vegetables are one of the greatest cancer-fighting family of plants.
  • Plant your cabbages now, because they love the cooler conditions!
  • Cabbage, broccoli, mizuna, kale, and cauliflower et al are well known to reduce the risk of stomach and bowel cancers, radically!
  • Kale is believed to be one of the highest sources of antioxidants you can get – just 3 leaves daily is said to reduce your risk of some of these cancers by up to 90%.
  • The phytochemicals in kale stimulates the blood flow in the stomach and bowel, making them work more effectively.
  • Kale is great in stir-fry, soup, and salad – add 40gm to your favourite dish for positive effects!
  • Look for Swan Valley Herbs at your local home & garden centre or fresh at your local farmers market or grocer.