Segment: Asparagus
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep08
Presenter: Dr. Shy Vishnumohan
TX Date: 26th October 2019

Nothing teaches patience in the garden like asparagus.

  • Asparagus has been on the menu for thousands of years – it is even shown on a 5000-year-old Egyptian stone carving.
  • With asparagus, we eat the young shoots of the plant.
  • It takes around 3 years to grow asparagus from seed to harvest.
  • The asparagus plant is a perennial, so don’t pull it out at the end of the harvest season – it will keep giving for over 20 years.
  • 5 spears of asparagus contain 2g protein, with purple asparagus having double.
  • Asparagus can be eaten straight from the garden, or cooked briefly by baking, boiling, steaming, frying or barbequing them.
  • Purple asparagus has a milder, sweeter taste.
  • Swan Valley Nursery has a range of asparagus seedlings that can be picked up from all leading WA garden centres.