Chamomile and Valerium

Segment: Chamomile and Valerium
Episode: Spring 2019, Ep13
Presenter: Shy Vishnumohan
TX Date: 7th December 2019

Chamomile is the most recommended herb for sleep and many physicians recommend it too. Here’s a few tips and info about it.

  • These plants will grow tiny daisy-like flowers that have a beautiful wildflower look. This particular variety is called German chamomile and it’s a great choice for your home herb garden. The plant flowers best in full sun, although partial shade is a better choice in hot climates. You can pick and dry the leaves and flowers, then store them in an airtight container to seal in the freshness - ready for the teapot!
  • Instead of getting a prescription or sleeping pills, give these herbs a go! While sleeping medications have their place, most leave you feeling groggy and unrefreshed the next day.
  • More than anything else, winding down with a cup of tea as part of your bedtime ritual can do wonders to your health.Grab these relaxing herbs from the Swan Valley Nursery! They are available in all leading Garden Centres nationwide.